• Art installation

  • On occasion of the show, NVdM and Sizar Alexis embarked on a creative journey, intertwining their disparate techniques while exploring the common threads that unite their distinct crafts.

    Despite their diverse approaches, the two artists converge in their pursuit of harmony, searching for shared elements that bridge the gap between textile and furniture design.

    The Ousia furniture collection, designed by Sizar and Sinar Alexis have a clear reference to Mesopotamian civilization. Inspired by this typology NVdM created a custom handmade textile, an experimental design, forming a dialogue between the sculptural seater and artisanal textile work. Tangibility is central, both so are the play with colors - both strong and soft- or textures - matte and glossy.

  • Credits

  • In collaboration with: Atelier Ecru Gallery
    Photo by: Tijs Vervecken