Nathalie Van der Massen (°88) is a designer working in the field of textile design, art and (interior) architecture.

While finishing her Master (degree) in graphic design, Nathalie is given the opportunity to work at the renowned Textile Museum in Tilburg, where she develops a fascination for textiles. This newfound passion leads her to pursue an extra Master in Textile Design. After graduating, she is invited by The Flanders Architecture Institute to start a research project and create an exhibition inspired by their archive. This profound experience opens up a new way for her to approach textile design from the context of architecture and interior. In 2018, Nathalie launches her own independent design studio, showcased at fairs like Collectible (Brussels), Stockholm design fair and works with architects, designers and private clients.

Nathalie's work is characterized by a sensitivity for (natural) materials, surface and technicality. Her design practice, just like art, takes many forms and Nathalie Van der Massen finds inspiration everywhere, from architecture to fashion and everything in between. In addition to her applied collections, she works on artistic projects, bespoke furniture pieces and art integrations. The link between textile and (interior) architecture is omnipresent. Not only does she explore the act of layering fabrics, she also likes to play with light and transparency. Nathalie designs while her hands explore the unknown. She distinguishes herself by her knowledge and attention to detail. By stepping out of her comfort zone, she continues to surprise and invigorate herself. While here practice transcends just one specific artistic path, the common thread is undeniably her sensitivity to natural materials and thorough research into technical details. She likes to work with architects and interior designers who, right from the start of a project, will allow her to take into account the wide scope of creative possibilities.

  • Henry van de Velde Awards 24

  • Young Talent

  • Gold Winner