REN Collection

  • The Collection

  • REN is a sensory collection of three limited edition dividers. Each item reflects the affinity with natural Belgian materials such as linen, paper oak and walnut.

    The collection grew thanks to participation in various architectural projects and a recurring demand for possibilities to integrate textiles into a spatial setting. Comprehensive research and experimentation led to three inspiring designs that play with rhythm and transparency, all of which balance between design, art and architectural object.

Nathalie Van der Massen - SAN Divider

SAN Divider

The SAN divider, consisting of four walnut panels, is the most spatially impactful design of the collection and is perfectly suited for a variety of uses, such as a headboard or room divider. It plays with transparency by weaving around and into the frame and such creating the illusion that the fabric completely merges into the frame.

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Nathalie Van der Massen - SAI Divider

SAI Divider

The SAI divider consist of two panels and interact with the visible presence of the frame. This piece plays with rhythm and paper weave patterns at different scales.

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Nathalie Van der Massen - DAN Divider

DAN Divider

The DAN divider, also a two fold, is characterized by pervasive minimalism and austerity and texture created by the bold paper weave.

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  • Research to practice

  • From research to practice, authenticity is rhymed with innovation and manual techniques are interwoven with digital practice. Craftmanship manifests itself in the textiles, the wood and custom brass hinges. A careful selection of yarns was followed by multiple samples and finally the fabric was constructed weft by weft. At the intersection of design and art, yarn is used to write. The final composition takes shape by intuitively removing threads where the design calls for transparency.

    Each design displays a unique character and functions not only as an autonomous art form but also as an architectural enhancement in an interior, where they dialogue with light and space. While intentional transparency around the frame allows light to shine through on one part, elsewhere light is absorbed by the fabric.

  • New Traditions

  • New Traditions

    This exclusive collection is available in a limited edition of 8 pieces + 2 artist prints, ensuring uniqueness. It starts from a penchant for understated, natural and sensory materials. Each design includes a walnut or oak structure that elegantly frames the woven textiles. The strong connection to Belgian textile heritage leads to the use of linen, wool and paper where yarns in various natural shades and thicknesses are blended into harmonious compositions with subtle translucency and light filtering.

    Sometimes the fabric is tightly woven, other times it is emphasizing openness by deconstructing the structure and skillfully weaving floating yarns around the wooden frame.